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Mar 4, 2014 5:30pm PST
a billion dollars of energy subsidies then we can warn that his government was going up from the sanctions to impose and russia. as soon as this week so far the sanctions and diplomatic isolation appeared to be having little impact will be hearing from our reporters throughout the region often visible on the laces fuss moving to them while we still see me and putting them into the panic among the non ukrainian treat the nice in the green the emboldened by the team's presence. they seek to negotiate with the russian forces controlling and things the russian soldiers on meeting the times reported from time magazine present at the seams. eventually backed down. instead they have to await orders from moscow to how to proceed. it is judging into tin for the last time consequence teens from the press in advance of the last week. he was asked his opinion on the change of government in ukraine. later the russian speaking population that is being commissioned and under what conditions moscow and st so you can see non said the handling and unconstitutional keen in ukraine. he soon became the new com
Feb 28, 2014 2:00pm PST
the energy and the spirit of it, okay? good. (chavez) when we learn the piece, we have to make sure we have the right fingering and dynamics, and we have to definitely make sure we have the rhythm. otherwise, it could come out any way you want it to. crescendo means you get louder, and decrescendo means you get softer. if you have dynamics, it changes in mood, and when people are about say, "oh, this is so nice." all a sudden it jumps up or something. (pagano) some teachers really insist that you play exactly like them, and that's their style of teaching. my teacher, leon fleischer, seemed to impart more ideals and principles that could guide us into further understanding the music. through all of that, whether consciously or unconsciously, you end up sounding like your teacher. [thundering piano chord] jennifer kim has been taking piano lessons with me since she was five years old, and she's playing very advanced repertoire now. she is understanding it on a really deep level at this point, and i'm kind of guiding her almost as a coach. i give her a little more space. i hear so much thumb.
Mar 1, 2014 2:30pm PST
to decide what they do now. will it be sanctions? will they reconsider the energy relations with russia? it is a difficult situation europe is in now. >> it seems they are intent on keeping the diplomatic channels open. but will a diplomatic solution work? >> they hope it will. this is the most severe crisis since the cold war. there are still a lot of diplomatic channels. there is soviet interdependence. there are some money channels, they have traditionally, the g-8, nato, and others. there are established connections. and the head of state is in contact with the leaders in russia. there is hope with the high representatives going to kiev. >> thank you for that report from brussels. correspondent in the crimea. alexander, it has been a tense situation there. tell us what is going on. >> some interesting developments going on here. presumably, russian soldiers took over control of key sites in the city. now there are reports that those men have started to pull out of the city center, and the pro-russian militia has taken over the control. i have been to the parliamentary building behin
Mar 1, 2014 5:30pm PST
they can do now would it be saying since when are they reconsider and energy union nations that though russia. it's a very difficult position. europe is good now. again that's the question seems like brussels is very intent on keeping those diplomatic channels open but will a diplomatic solution but at this point. wedding day old coffee to brew a m this is actually a demo cd of crisis funny since then a cold war but i'm still in arkansas get them at the tennis and the noble almost two years that's all the desolate in the deep end tendon that the independence that so many that some in attendance that they have to be steady flight somewhat pga golfer than a tool rash that causes a bit down on the big established relations and also head of state's out like some random activists in close contact with the neatest in russian soul. then still the hope that this could in principle to lady ashton though the high representative is going to kiev. i can just thank you so much for that report from brussels. and moving on to alexandre fun nam well we had some interesting developments he had seen an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4